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Autry is an American sneaker brand, which however has chosen Italy for its production: a definitely winning match, which you can find right in our store! Born in 1982 in the USA, this brand, whose sneaker is known as the "shoe with the American flag", has only become famous in us since 2019, the year in which the company not only opened up to our market, but chosen to become Made in Italy. In addition to iconic footwear, Autry is also a manufacturer of sportswear, with t-shirts, sweatshirts, Bermuda shorts and joggers to wear for sport and leisure. As with clothing, sneakers are also equipped with technology that allows you to wear them every day as during sport, ensuring exceptional performance. Autry's inspiration is always vintage, especially that of 80s films and TV series, where there were many actors and actresses who wore the brand's models. In our store, you will find both the iconic sneakers and the clothing, for a total sporty and leisure look, which will catapult you into the past!

Autry new men's sneakers collection

The new Autry collection presents you with the Bob Lutz model sneakers, a low model, with side logo, round rubberized toe with a vintage effect, like the sole, which is flat. Very easy and minimal, they are sneakers to use every day, even for work.
The Medalist are iconic sneakers, made in both high and low versions and which are clearly inspired by the 80s. They have a perforated toe, padded collar, very comfortable 2cm leather insole and 3.5cm thick sole. Comfortable, they are perfect for your day, but you can also wear them in the gym, because their technology is designed for sport.

Autry men's clothing

Now that you have chosen your new Autry sneakers, you can move on to clothing: how about a very comfortable pair of fleece Bermuda shorts for sports or an iconic basic crew-neck t-shirt for your free time or for moments of workouts?

How to combine Autry with our brands

Autry 's sporty soul is perfect with brands like Barbour and Stone Island for a decidedly casual and trendy total look.