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Doucal's is an Italian brand of luxury men's shoes. The company headquarters are in Montegranaro, in the province of Fermo, where one of the most important footwear districts in the world is located. Here, Mario Giannini opened his artisan workshop at the end of the 1960s and chose the name "Ducale" as a symbol of the customers who immediately chose him for his refined creations. The laboratory grows, becomes a company and Giannini also continues his training, this time in England, in Northampton, where he studies the art of making local shoes and returns to his homeland with brilliant ideas about it. The name is Englishized as Doucal's , but Made in Italy always remains the basis from which to start. Gianni and Jerry Giannini, Mario's sons, inherit the brand and its philosophy, but filter them through contemporaneity to give a modern touch to classic lines.
The result is Italian shoes, handcrafted, with an English look and a very comfortable fit, guaranteed by the memory foam insole.

Doucal's men's elegant shoes

When we talk about Doucal's , we cannot leave out the adjective "elegant", because it represents the soul of this brand. His Oxfords in smooth brushed leather, with leather sole, are the top for a man who has important work appointments or who simply loves a pair of elegant shoes even when wearing jeans and a jacket. The same can be said of the iconic Derby model, to be combined with a formal dress, for an event, or even with something casual, when you want to stand out even in your free time.

Doucal's men's moccasins

The moccasin is a really important shoe for a man: it is not as elegant as a lace-up, but not as casual as sneakers. That is, it represents that happy medium that is always needed and that you can wear with something smart or something informal, because it will always be perfect for every occasion. Doucal's moccasins are present in the college model, with brushed leather and leather sole, with side stitching and an unmistakable style.

Modamica matches

The timeless elegance of a brand like Doucal's is accompanied by an outfit like the one made up of the garments by Bolzonella 1934 and Briglia 1949 .