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    Henderson Baracco is a luxury men's footwear brand, founded by Giuseppe Baracco in the 1930s and brought to the general public by his son Gino and his nephews Enrico and Gianluigi. Their models are a synthesis of elegance, style, Made in Italy, craftsmanship and tradition, to which is added attention to contemporaneity. The result can be seen in the collections which include both extremely elegant shoes, such as moccasins with brass clamp, and suede sneakers.
    Only a man who is very careful about what he wears, capable of recognizing not only beauty but also quality, with a busy lifestyle is able to appreciate the versatility and class of Henderson Baracco shoes. Naturally, the care in production is reflected both in the fine materials and in the comfort of models with technology designed for total comfort. From ceremonies to work, from free time to holidays, the shoes of this iconic Italian brand are trusted and precious companions, capable of enhancing any outfit.
    In our store, you will find precious elegant moccasins, those in soft suede, sporty and relaxing, and up-to-date sneakers, so you will have a range of models available, perfect for every occasion.

    Henderson Baracco new collection

    If you have to attend a gala dinner or an event, Modamica presents you the Henderson Baracco moccasins in deerskin with brass clamps. Their minimal line and innate elegance make them perfect shoes to wear in particular moments, which will know how to make you look good and which you can easily wear instead of lace-ups, Oxfords or single buckle shoes. A suit, a shirt and a tie are the perfect complement to these loafers that will know how to enhance your outfit, placing you at the center of attention.

    Henderson Baracco sneakers

    The versatility of a luxury brand like Henderson Baracco can also be seen in the variety of models it offers. The suede sneakers with perforated uppers are an example of how class and luxury also adapt to comfortable and sporty shoes.

    Modamica matches

    With the Henderson Baracco style, we recommend that of Barba Napoli and Circolo 1901 , for a very classy mix.