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The Textile Clothing Industries, better known as Incotex , is a constantly evolving fashion group which, since 1952, has essentially produced men's tailored trousers. We are talking about handmade models, highly studied in detail and materials, which have always been able to adapt to a casual style as well as an elegant one, because Incotex has learned how to diversify its lines with style. In fact, the denim line is accompanied by the Incotex Slacks line of smart-casual trousers, which highlight details such as the drawstring waist and the comfortable fit.
Today, Incotex also produces raincoats and jackets, but trousers, in all their forms and functions, will always remain the true must of this iconic Italian brand.
In our store, we have highlighted some models of Incotex Slacks that you can wear in the office as in your free time, because these are trousers always characterized by a certain sober refinement, which are well suited to even very different environments.
Combine them with sneakers, moccasins, a t-shirt or a jacket and you will always have different outfits, but all functional and designed for an everyday outfit.

Incontex Slacks new collection

If the Incontex Denim line speaks to us of refined cotton for casual models, the Incotex Slacks line is no different. His trousers - a mix of elegance and sportiness - are made only with the best materials, in a tailored manner and with the care that only big brands have towards their creations. This can be seen, for example, in the model with drawstring waist and slant pockets, with a slim fit: wear it with sneakers and you will feel like you are wearing a pair of joggers, wear it with moccasins and you will find yourself wearing a pair of trousers smart, to also be combined with a jacket.

Incontex Slacks men's trousers

Chinos certainly couldn't be missing from the Incotex Slacks collection, sturdy models with a slim fit to wear every day, whether it's in the office, on errands, in your free time, because they are suitable for every situation in your daily life.

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