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Santaniello is a brand that belongs to the great Campania tradition of luxury fashion and was born from the working and private union of the tailor Biagio Santaniello and the trousers specialist Carmela Fiorino. Their tailoring, the culture of craftsmanship, the completely Made in Italy manufacturing are immediately appreciated by a vast audience which allows a small company to evolve, in 1991, into a company capable of creating its first truly complete collection. With the arrival of the couple's children, Santaniello transforms into a real brand also known abroad, where sartorial tradition meets contemporary inspirations, for luxury garments that become a must in the wardrobe of a man attentive to his style and everything he wears. New classics, sartorial reinterpretations, an ever-present family history combine to create a true clothing legend that, today, we proudly present in our store. Each garment speaks of design, of very high quality fabrics, of details that come from ancient craftsmanship, reformulated to meet the needs of a contemporary clientele who cannot be satisfied. The different Santaniello labels were created, in fact, to satisfy the tastes of every age group, for a target that makes luxury and detail its flagship.

Santaniello jackets

A Santaniello jacket is a touch of style in any outfit: elegant by nature, but also wearable with jeans, this garment highlights all the craftsmanship of a high-level brand that focuses on a perfect and slim fit, with a closure with three buttons, which enhances Campania tailoring. The materials range from wool to cotton, because the jacket is an item that the chic man always wears, even in summer!

Santaniello trousers

In our store, we have thought of different models of Santaniello trousers, which you can wear for work, important events or even just in your free time. With cuffs, one pence or in the joggers version with elastic waist, these trousers are a must for every important moment in life.

Modamica matches

With luxury garments like those by Santaniello , we offer you combinations with brands of equal elegance, such as Tagliatore and Zanone .