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Briglia 1949 is a men's fashion brand, very young because it was born in 2012, but at the same time ancient, because it was born from a twenty-year family tradition in the creation of tailored men's garments, inspired by the world of horse riding, the great passion of the brand's founder. The idea of ​​Briglia 1949 is to give its customers high-quality garments at accessible prices, taking particular inspiration from the British mood and rigor in its creations. Each Briglia 1949 model uses technologically cutting-edge and latest generation materials, capable of satisfying the requests of customers of all ages. The rigor can be seen in the few changes that are made from collection to collection in favor of maintaining a class that always rewards those who wear these garments. Tailoring and casual mood come together when it comes to fabrics, such as Leomaster/Marzotto wools or denim or corduroy, which are the basis for the creation of urban models, which you can wear on any occasion, from the most easy to the more challenging. The fit, the attention to detail and the care with which each garment is finished are the distinctive signs of a brand that does not give up tradition to follow fashions, but dictates them, as befits every great Italian brand.

Briglia 1949 trousers

The most iconic models of Briglia 1949 are certainly the trousers. The first collections were based exclusively on this garment and only later were they also enriched by outerwear.
In our store, you will find the elegance of slim trousers, which you can combine with a jacket or a cashmere sweater, the classic touch of cotton corduroy, with that retro flavour, and the luxury of the white model, carrot cut, which you can wear with a jacket and moccasins for an aperitif with friends.

Briglia 1949 collections

Today, the Briglia 1949 outfit also includes vests and jackets and a few other items for an elegant, tailored look that you will never be able to stop wearing.

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