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    Luxury knitwear and ready-to-wear clothing are the cornerstones of the Giada Benincasa brand, founded by the designer of the same name in Milan in 2013.
    His fashion is glam, colorful and creative, very cosmopolitan and attentive to the refinement and quality typical of Made in Italy. The brand's collections start from very refined cashmere shawls to subsequently arrive at entire collections, in which precious yarns and tailoring create timeless garments, capable of dealing with the past as well as the future. Jacquard workmanship, multicolor motifs, original patterns on knitwear and coats mark the stylistic signature of Giada Benincasa , making her a highly sought-after brand, both in Italy and abroad. Its fashion and collections are made up of romantic long dresses with refined high collars, suits made with a blazer and a miniskirt, but also super casual sweatshirts with hoods, shirts, skirts, shorts and everything that creates an outfit that always travels on the border between casual and smart, to be worn in very different contexts.
    Don't miss the latest collection from this extraordinary designer who has managed, in less than ten years, to conquer an increasingly demanding and attentive market.

    Giada Benincasa new collection

    It is certainly not "just" a t-shirt, the one from the new Giada Benincasa collection, but a revisited garment, which you can wear on many different occasions. Crew neck, short sleeve, this t-shirt is embellished with the glittery writing CIAO AMORE CLUB, which works on a pair of jeans, as well as under an elegant blazer, because it is very colorful and fun. The same goes for the Vichy blouse, which is not a simple shirt, but a real decisive item, with its mandarin collar, large balloon spots with narrow cuff, refined mother-of-pearl buttons, rounded hem and written, Hello Love, embroidered on the back.

    Giada Benincasa

    Giada Benincasa 's style is multifaceted and suitable for your every mood. Wear it at work, in your free time, when you see the people you like best and when you do the things you like best, to always feel good about yourself.

    Modamica matches

    Giada Benincasa is an iconic brand that finds in Federica Tosi and Gia Borghini two stylists who share its femininity and glamour.