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    The Neapolitan tradition of haute couture is well known throughout the world and Kiton is one of those brands that best represents it. Tradition, beauty, passion, use of the hands to create, experience, love for one's work: all these characteristics pass through the brand's collections and make each garment unique. It all started with Ciro Paone and continues with his family, who carefully follows in the footsteps of the founder of Kiton . Naples and its verve, its colour, its peculiarities are the fertile ground for garments such as trousers, jackets, sweatshirts, jeans, made in full cosmopolitan spirit, but indebted to a long sartorial tradition. Kiton garments are destined to move around the world, both because the Kiton man is a traveler and because his collections are sold everywhere. And the world is the true inspiration for this iconic Italian brand.
    Wearing his garments is a pleasure, especially when you think that they arise from respect for people, tradition and time. Obsessive attention to detail, sartorial touch and prestigious materials make suits, shirts and ties must-haves for the man who loves elegance. The Kiton style moves between casual and elegant without compromise, satisfying all the needs of a metropolitan man.

    Kiton new collection online

    In our store, you will find various pieces with a casual style, to which Kiton reserves the same treatment that it uses for the creation of its haute couture clothes. For example, his are not simple jeans, but are hand-made garments in precious Japanese organic cotton canvas, which make them very light, very soft, thanks to a small percentage of elastane, and decidedly indestructible. The stitching strengthens the hem and every detail is designed to guarantee beauty and solidity.

    Kiton casualwear

    The rest of the Kiton items in our store are as good as his jeans. The hooded sweatshirt is made of soft cotton and has a rubberized zip; the trousers with a drawstring waist are also comfortable because they are made of lyocell; the jacket in technical and elastic fabric is windproof and water-repellent.

    Modamica matches

    With Kiton garments, you can think of wearing a pair of Henderson Baracco or Hidnander , for a casual but stylish look.