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Original Vintage is a Tuscan men's clothing brand born from the idea of ​​synthesizing vintage style in a new garment, that is, a cashmere sweater embellished with applications (writings and images) taken from American t-shirts, which transform a sweater into something different and original. Little by little, the brand has put aside the use of vintage garments, in favor of a production inspired by iconic garments from various eras, with details that define the style. From knitwear we moved on to the total look, to offer a complete wardrobe, designed for a man who needs suitable garments for every moment of the day and knows he can find them in a brand like Original Vintage , whose style is appreciated throughout the world. world. In addition to the extreme attention to design, the garments are made only with the best materials and with innovative techniques, which concern dyeing and washing, up to the attention to wearability, which passes from the study of volumes to achieve perfection in the fit. Original Vintage garments are, as the name suggests, original and designed for an everyday lifestyle, to face life's challenges in a more relaxed way and always dressed in the right way!

Original Vintage new collection

The Original Vintage garments not only have an impalpable appearance, the one you immediately notice even just from the photographs in our store, but they are very light and suitable for the advancing season. The sweatshirt with hood and large front pocket has a regular fit and its texture, together with the workmanship and dyeing, make it suitable not only for free time, but also for the moments of the day you spend at work. Same indications for the crew-neck sweatshirt, the construction of which makes it ideal for various occasions, not only related to free time.

Original Vintage t-shirt

In our store, we have given wide prominence to one of Original Vintage 's most loved garments: the basic t-shirt. Crew neck, with edge, ribbed sleeve cuffs and side vents, this garment also fits well with a blazer, when you're looking for a smart-casual look.

Modamica matches

With the sporty style of Original Vintage , we see brands like Filippo de Laurentiis and Noova , for mixes that will make your day great.