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    Veja is a French brand that, since 2005, has been producing iconic vegan sneakers and running shoes, with attention to sustainability and a truly counter-current spirit. In fact, the brand was born in a period in which start-ups were exclusively oriented towards the digital and virtual world: to this panorama, the founders of Veja prefer that of material reality and decide to found a start-up capable of creating something that can be touched …and wear. This is how the brand's sneakers were born, which can also count on a high-level construction, made using vegan materials that guarantee their sustainability. In our store, there are both the brand's sneakers and running shoes, with which you can train, because they are equipped with technology that makes them comfortable and suitable for sport.
    The Veja were born at a time when the first creaks of globalization were starting to be heard and marked a return to a past that respected nature and people.
    Discover the many models of the French brand with a Spanish name, to wear every day to always feel good in your outfit.

    Veja sneakers new men's collection

    The Veja style shines through in all its models. The new collection presents us with its fantastic sneakers, inspired by the minimal cleanliness of the 80s. The perforated toe, the recycled rubber sole, the white that dominates both the total white versions and those with colored heel tab are ideal for a casual, sober, but always relaxing style. The model inspired by the classic 70s tennis shoe is also Chrome-free, therefore made without contaminants harmful to the environment and humans.

    Veja men's running shoes

    The seriousness of a company like Veja can be understood not only from the green choices, but also from the ability to produce shoes also suitable for sports, the gym and running, because they are equipped with specific technology for training. The Alveomesh models have a recycled EVA sole and midsole made from 52% sugar cane, to let you play sports without losing sight of sustainability!

    Modamica matches

    Bright and sporty, the Veja are perfect with 7 For All Mankind jeans and a Stone Island jacket.